There have been times when we have wondered if God sees our tears, our burdens, our pain. This book 'El-roi - The God who sees' is an answer to our questions and the doubts we had; whether Jesus sees us when we are hurt. This book is a look into one of the names of God - El - roi, which means The God who sees. Dr. Preetha Judson looks at the characteristics of the name and gives a detailed account of the various aspects of El-roi God.

Potter's Touch

Dr. Preetha Judson takes us through the various steps a potter takes to make an earthen vessel. She has beautifully explained how our Potter (Jesus) completes His work to perfection in the lives of His children. She has also given her personal experiences to enable readers to understand the Potter's Touch. This book is available in three languages - Telugu, Tamil and English.

Mosapokudi Do not be deceived

There is deception in the world's system. Dr. Preetha Judson wrote this book to believers not to be deceived by this world's system. This book is very helpful to believers.

Prayer Oil