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SAC-Sponsor for A Crusade
To be a part of the great history of saving souls which would be done by reaching out millions of people all over the world helping them receiving Jesus Christ as their savior and prepare them for His second coming. To evangelise people all around the globe for the glory of God.God gave us this vision to conduct Public Crusades to be held all over India and abroad,for the revival of the Whole World. But by God’s abundant grace, we are regularly conducting such crusades where millions of people are being blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ . All the cities are being blessed by such crusades which are held and many receive the healing not only physically but also to the broken hearted souls.You can be a part of this Crusade meeting and be a blessing to Millions by sowing your seed into this Ministry.As a huge expenses occur in conducting the Crusades you can be a part to reduce not only the financial burden of our Ministry but also can be a part by giving the comfort to thousands of people in the meeting you sponsor and we are planning to conduct crusades more and more to glorify and expand the kingdom of Almighty God.

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