PNRM - Logo
PNRM-Pray for Nations Revival Ministries It is started by Mrs .Preetha Judson with a vision from Almighty God and burden over India in saving the souls. Its intention is to bring a great revival among India and to lead the People towards our God. We are praying and moving forward by conducting many PNRM Programmes all over India. We have received a very good response from many people wherever these meetings were conducted. The Power of Almighty God is manifested to His People through these meetings. Many People are transformed from their brokenheartedness.
Even You Can Be A Part of PNRM with the help of your Prayers. Your Prayers are needed. It is not only our burden but also it is your burden to take efforts to Pray for the Revival of our Country India.
These meetings can also be conducted in your city by contacting our ministry.